International Gathering of Violinists is held in Sremski Karlovci and Novi Sad , are created with the idea that beside to the competition part of the manifestation, they take care and promote violin pedagogy, as well as the affirmation of young artists and their monitoring during music maturation.

Each year, in addition to the performances of the competitors, we will give our fellow citizens, concerts of the most successful violinists as well as already renowned and recognized artists. Through seminars and professional meetings during the event, violin pedagogues can complete their knowledge and follow new trends in interpretation.

The importance of the International Gathering of Violinists from year to year is growing, and this event represents a real holiday of music for our city, country and region.

Many thanks to all the competitors and their professors who will be part of this year’s International Violinist Meetings and give their contribution to this significant event.

Organizational team.