Goran Kentera

Goran Kentera was born on 01 09 1962. in Zrenjanin. He started with music education in the Josif Marinkovic Music School at the age of 11 in the class of prof. Đerđa Zazrović.
With moving of prof. Zazrović in Cuprija (School for Musical Talents) continues his education with eminent prof. Imre Jambora and prof. Ferenc Kaboka, where he completed lower and secondary music education.
At the same time, as a student of lower and secondary music schools, he regularly takes classes of prof. Jashvili Marine.
He enrolled at the Academy of Arts, Novi Sad in the class of prof. Dejan Mihailović, then continued his education in the classes of prof. Sergey Kunakov, prof. Pavel Vernjikov and prof. Elijah Grubert in Podgorica.
She is employed as an assistant principal in the class of prof. Vartkes Bojadjian.
He is completing his master’s studies at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, in the class of prof. Uroš Pesic.
During her education, she attended seminars with renowned violinists Denes Kovacs (Hungary), Pavel Vernjikov (Italy) and Kosta Boginoa, chamber music (Italy).
In the competitions, he wins the first republic and federal awards (Yugoslavia), Sarajevo 1981, Pristina 1984, and in 1985 he wins the first prize at the “Laureates of Orpheus” competition in Belgrade. That year he played concerts as a representative of the “Music Youth” of the Republic of Serbia, with other young musicians from the former Yugoslav republics.
He worked as an educator at schools: Novi Sad “Isidor Bajic”, Zrenjanin “Josif Marinkovic”, Podgorica “Vasa Pavic”, Cuprija “School for Musical Talents”, Belgrade “S.S. Mokranjac”.
Since 1994 he has been working as a lecturer at the “Academy of Arts” in Novi Sad.
As an orchestral musician he has played in Italy (International Orchestra-_Fermo) and in the Symphony Orchestras in Novi Sad and Podgorica. Under the baton of prof. Dejan Mihailovic, plays as a soloist and concertmaster in the Zrenjanin Chamber Orchestra.
She is one of the founders of the Strings Summer School in Leskovac, which has since grown into a regional classical music festival. At the “International Violinist Meetings” in Sremski Karlovci, he is one of the permanent members of the jury. 2019 god. held a Violin Masterclass at the Richard Wagner Conservatory in Vienna.
He has recorded for the needs of Radio Television Belgrade, Radio Television Titograd and Radio Television Novi Sad.