Article 1
The participation is open to full and part-time students of primary and secondary music schools.
Article 2
The organizer of the competition is Music Association "Muzicki Atelje" from Novi Sad.
Article 3
The Competition is held on 6th and 7th April 2019 in the hall of the Karlovci Grammar School, Trg Branka Radičevića 2 in Sremski Karlovci.
Article 4
The competition is public and the programme is performed by heart.

Article 5
Subcategory A (candidates born in 2012 and younger)

Subcategory B (candidates born in 2010 and 2011)
Category I (candidates born in 2009)
Category II (candidates born in 2008)
Category III (candidates born in 2007)
Category IV (candidates born in 2006)
Category V (candidates born in 2005)
Category VI (candidates born in 2004)
Category VII (candidates born in 2003)
Category VIII (candidates born in 2002)
Category IX (candidates born in 2001)
Category X (candidates born in 2000)
Article 6
The competitors perform the programme of their choice in the maximum duration:
Subcategory A and B and Category I – up to 6 minutes
Categories II and III – up to 10 minutes
Competitors perform a piece by free choice and 1st or 2nd and 3rd movements.

Categories IV, V and VI – up to 14 minutes
Categories VII and VIII – up to 20 minutes
Categories IX and X – up to 25 minutes

Article 7
The jury has the right to terminate the competitor who exceeds the minutes and evaluates it on the basis of the performed program until the moment of the interruption.
Article 8
The application for the participation in the International Gathering of Violinists are submitted electronically at

Article 9
The participation fee For International Gathering Of Violinists is 3500.00 dinars.
For foreign citizens, it is 35 EUR (in RSD counter value for EUR of the National Bank of Serbia average exchange rate on the day of payment)

For payments from abroad, the instructions are here >>>:  Devizno placanje instrukcije

Each performer has the right to ask for official accompaniment, which would be paid in the following manner:
From Subcategory to Category VI – 10 EUR rehearsal + 20 EUR performance (in RSD counter value for EUR of the National Bank of Serbia average exchange rate on the day of payment)
From Category VII to Category X – 10 EUR rehearsal + 30 EUR performance (in RSD counter value for EUR of the National Bank of Serbia average exchange rate on the day of payment)

The music score should be sent to mail :

Fee for official accompaniment candidates can pay on the day of performance.
Article 10
Together with the application the candidates should provide: a birth certificate, proof of payment of the participation fee, and the completed application form.
Article 11
The Deadline of the application submission is by 15.03.2019.
Article 12
The competition participants are responsible for their own expenses of travel and accommodation in Novi Sad.
Article 13
In the case of cancellation, the participation fee is not refunded.

Article 14
The competitors are evaluated by a jury composed of renowned violin educators. The members of the jury are nominated by the organizer of the competition.
Article 15
The Jury’s decision is final and irrevocable.
Article 16
The first ranked pupil in each category, starting from the Subcategory A and B to the Category VI, receives a special award “Ružica Kovač”.
Article 17
The members of the jury can proclaim laureates by a unanimous decision. The title of a laureate can be held by a pupil with a maximum number of points within a category:
- from the Subcategory A and B to the Category VI
- from the Category VII to the Category X.

Article 18
The number of awards that can be given by the jury in each category is not limited.
Article 19
The scoring of performers is done by adding points from the score lists and calculating the average score. The number of points needed for the adequate award (prize) is the following:

First Prize: 95-100 points

Second prize: 85 – 94.99 points

Third prize: 75 - 84.99 points

Acknowledgement: 65 – 74.99 points

For all additional informations please contact us by phone:
++381-62/8660-945 – Milan Čizmić
++381 -64/2002-847 - Slavica Ranković
or on email:
The complete composition of the jury will be published at the website of International Gathering Of Violinists.

Accommodation recommended by the organizers of "International Gathering Of Violinists" is available on the site:

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